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The dear friend, and whether you know that in St.-Petersburg already it is a lot of years successfully the teenage motor club operates, the basic which directions of work are:

  • work with youth
  •  preservation of a cultural-historical heritage of Russia

    Our motor club works in system of the state additional education of children. It is based in 1980 and is State establishment «the Center It is sports Technical Creativity» Committee of Formation of St.-Petersburg.

    Free employment are spent under the licensed curriculum calculated on the young man and girls 13 – 18 years. The training program includes a theoretical part, practical work and driving of motorcycles "Minsk". Work a motor club is repeatedly noted by diplomas and letters of thanks of Chairmen of Committee of Formation and the country Government.

     Pupils, besides fascinating training, receive skills of working trades, such as, the mechanic, the mechanic, the driver, the turner, the welder, a mechanic and others. It helps them to be defined with a professional choice.



Simultaneously from the educational it is conducted also museum – historical work. In club the Memorial to soldiers to motorcyclists is created by a memorial Basis not having analogues in the world 39 motors of fighting motorcycles a Harley – Davidson have served.

   As at the disposal of club there are some tens museum pieces - the present ancient motorcycles of domestic and foreign manufacture 1902 – 1945 of release. Hundreds copies of the technical literature, give unique possibility to pupils of club to study evident and thematic grants stages of development world мотоциклостроения. We very much hope and we want that our club would become a basis of the Museum of ancient motorcycles first in Russia


 The Organizer and the head of club:

 Trofimov Simeon Vasilevich of 1959 of 1959 of a birth         

·  The Teacher of an additional education of the higher qualifying category

·  The Expert of the Ministry of culture and mass communications of the Russian Federation on specialization «a car–  motor-transport the twentieth century»

·  The Vice-president of "National Russian Motorcycle Federation»

·  The Mechanic of the higher category of the USSR.

·  The deputy of Municipal union №27 St.-Petersburg   


 Trofimov Vasily Semyonovich of 1982 of a birth

· The Teacher of an additional education


The motor club Address: avenue of Veterans 53\56  phone\fax   8 8...

Will be glad to see you and your children!


пр. Ветеранов 53/56, тел/факс +7 (812) 752-86-62
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