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Memorial to Military Motorcyclists

The idea to create a memorial to military motorcyclists was not born instantaneously. Thirty years were spent going through towns and villages, gathering bits and pieces from motorcycle exhibitions. Among them, there were a number of American Harleys.

During the struggle against facism, three nations united together; the USSR, USA and the United Kingdom.The treaty was known as the "Lend-Lease". Under the "Lend-Lease" we received technical equipment and military rations. England sent in land vehicles, Douglas aircraft, and motorcycles manufactured by Ariel, Norton, BSA and Matchless. The Americans sent stewed meat (tushonka) in metal cans, into to what the frontline troops dubbed the "Second Front". They also sent Ariacobra planes, vehicles from Studebaker, the Dodge 3/4 and the well known Willys. In terms of motorbikes; the Harley-Davidson WLA-42 and Indian 741B. The military Harley model was distributed in large numbers in our country. After the war, it served in the police force and was then available for sale to the general public.

And only when I had acquired such a large amount of motorcycle engines, did I consider the idea of hanging them on the wall. When I did this, I myself was very impressed by the spectacle. For two years I have worked with students on the implementation of this idea. It was especially difficult to come up with a name for this memorial. After all, it must be concise and reflect the times of the Great Patriotic War. As for how it turned out, you can judge for yourselves. Below. you will find a six minute videoclip created thanks to the computer skills of one of the finest pupils of the motorcycle club; Grishi Miroshnikov.

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