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National Motor-federation

National Russian Motorcycle Federation


The primary goal of Federation is development and popularisation of the Russian motorcycle sport, creation of conditions for this purpose, what youth, being engaged in motorcycle sport, grew strong, strong, courageous.

The federation consists of 43 regional branches in all seven Federal Districts of the Russian Federation.

Work of branches is supervised by seven Vice-presidents.

Heads Federation one of the most deserved motor-sportsmen of our country – Grigory Ivanovich Shulik.

Federated members are such people, as the repeated world champion on cross-country race – Gennady Moiseyev, repeated champions of the country: … … …. Progressively conceiving people who have given all life to sports Support Federation work: … …. And many, many other things.

In Federation huge organizational work is conducted. Membership cards of the uniform sample, symbolical payments are entered, work of regional branches is adjusted, on a uniform calendar sports competitions are held.


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