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Our children

One must reap, as one has sown

Every parent sees themselves as an instructor and is certain that he knows what his child needs. But the result is often unexpected.

Of course, our children are far from perfect, anyone could scold them and criticise their actions. But who will offer a way out? One can spend a long, difficult time raising them so that they can simply make friends, but this can be a huge and demanding task.

At our motorcycle club we have the needed conditions; no evaluations, no homework or similar school-like “requirements”.

Young people voluntary come to work here. Here, they are not forced to sweep or wash the floor, but are welcome to offer, it is not hard or shameful. Although the notion of discipline is not directly enforced, the habit of looking after oneself and their surroundings is and is useful during everyday life, the army and at the workplace.

Typically, troubled teenagers and children come to the club. These youth come from “troubled families” with various and difficult histories. Earlier, they would hang around the streets, unable to find a proper release for their energy, and end up committing various offences and joining gangs.

But where else can they spend their free time?  Everywhere you have to pay!

At the club, anyone can find something that appeals to them. All the conditions are present for them here.  Without any sort of advertising, a simple rumour spreads about an interesting place with friendly people. And the teenagers that already received the status of a “failure” at school will frequently be among the best in the club as they can express their personal qualities. After all, they are our children, and only in them can we entrust to build a future. Communication with them is a huge and demanding task as a teacher.

There are many different educational institutions that train specialists and can teach them practically anything, but not how to become a true Citizen of the Fatherland! I consider this a fundamental problem of our state.

I tirelessly, again and again will speak to them about good and evil, honour, conscience, courage of our ancestors, hoping that something - anything is will be held in their hearts. And the result will be definite. There is a great sense of moral satisfaction you experience, when students come with their wives and children, and everything is fine with them. It means that I have done my job and that it is not more important as to who is richer, but for who is right.

The club doors are always open, regardless of school hours. Do you want to lead an interesting and satisfying life? You wish to learn elements of a trade and to become a True Person? Come, join us, and you will not regret it!

Do you not believe this? Look through the pages of this site and see it for yourselves!


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