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Having a long-term operational experience at cinema, we accurately understand and we carry out a problem. Tell, what conducted – the motor-technics is necessary, in how many and where it(her) to deliver, and on it your problems are finished.

Being able to work creatively as hands, we can as to make(produce) almost any properties. With interest we undertake individual, non-standard problems. For example, manufacturing of an armchair of Ilyich for a film rezhisera Sakurova "Taurus"

As you can take advantage of any original versatile things from our collection. And if and in this weight is not present necessary, means, we have not time to photograph all the of "the Native land granary» and to place treasures on a site. Call to us. «From under the earths» we will get any things!

With huge desire pupils of a motor club act in film in feature films, serials and «soap operas». Still, how many interesting and unusual! I judge(will narrow) on the first impressions of film shooting «My friend Ivan Lapshin», about 25 years ago. Then, at silent white June night, my "Harley" dosnimalsja in a scene of a night February blizzard. Wizards of cinema are capable to create any miracle!

We have got used to constant cine works involving all hands and with pleasure we help masters of the screen to transform any turmoil into a masterpiece.
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