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Study of local lore

    In the middle of the academic year we go to a campaign in places of heroic battles. The route usually lies on Dudergofsky heights predominating over St.-Petersburg and mountain Voronezh. In August 1941г. Here six tools from a cruiser "Aurora", and nice seamen have been established some weeks constrained outnumbering forces of the opponent. When Germans managed to be approached, seamen of the head tool have undermined themselves, the tool and enemies. The several survived seamen from other tools fascists have connected a barbed wire, have poured gasoline and have burnt alive. Jacob Petrovich Davidov was one of the first scouts which released heights in April 1943г. To a look the terrible picture of former fight and its consequences has appeared. Since then, every year Jacob Petrovich participates in run, организуемом public organization «My small Native land» and tells about war to our children.
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