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 Let's keep cultural - a historical heritage of our country.

To the first motorcycle museum in Russia to be!


    More than 30 years I actively study history world мотоциклостроения. Tens exhibits are collected, hundreds accompanying subjects … creation of the museum of ancient motorcycles first in Russia will be Logic continuation of this work. All civilized countries of the world are proud of such museums. And than worse St.-Petersburg - cultural capital of Russia? Otherwise the historical heritage of our country of this direction will be definitively lost.

It should be not the usual museum with a stationary exposition, and the scale creative project - a motor-complex in suburb of St.-Petersburg, consisting of a building of a museum, a summer camping for motor-tourists, a line of hire of ancient motorcycles, a place for employment by cross-country race, a speedway, go-cart racing, etc. It will be possible to see habitual things in unexpected, new light, to visit a place in which earlier you never happened. It will be not only it is fascinating, but also considerably will raise tourist appeal of our city.

Understanding that such problem can be beyond the power for one person, I offer all to whom this idea has seemed interesting or close to unite the efforts and to create such museum!

You can send the original offers on semen@motoraritet.ru

Using possibility, I address to the world motorcycle public.

People of the World, enthusiasts of motorcycle movement and all who has financial possibility! Let's unite efforts in creation of a museum of history of a motorcycle structure!
You always will be our honorable and welcome guests! Thankful in advance.
Our settlement account.......

P.S. To a memorial to soldiers to motorcyclists  it is very close in our motor club! More worthy place is necessary for such monument of history.


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